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Paper presented at the Council for European Studies on 'How the EU Practiced the Security-Development Nexus in Afghanistan: A Critical Reflection', Philadelphia, April 14-16, 2016


the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) on 'The comprehensive approach to post-conflict reconstruction: US and Canada in Afghanistan compared', Chicago, Il., 4-10 April, 2016.

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I am Associate Professor in the School of International Development & Global Studies (EDIM) at the University of Ottawa, Senior Fellow at the Austrian Institute for Europe and Security Policy (AIES), and Senior Researcher with the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society (TSAS). I also help to organize the Fragile States Research Network at the Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) at the University of Ottawa, and recently won  the Faculty of Social Sciences' Young Researcher Award 2017. 

Prior to coming to the nation's capital, I held a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for International Relations (now Centre for International and Defence Policy) at Queen’s University.  

My research interests are at the security-development nexus, fragile states, and global governance. More broadly speaking, I am working on the following topics, and I am interested in supervising students on these topics: 

  • Development & Security

  • Canada and the World

  • Global governance

  • International peace & conflict studies

  • Human security

  • International institutions & regimes

  • Failed & failing states (especially Afghanistan, Libya, Mali)

  • Humanitarian interventions, peace operations & post-conflict reconstruction

  • International norms of development

  • Canadian foreign & development policy

  • European Union Politics

I hold Bachelor degrees from Sweden and Germany, an M.A. in Political Science from Carleton University (Ottawa, 2003), and a Ph.D. in War Studies (as a civilian) from the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, 2008). Prior to coming to Queen’s, I held fellowships at the University of Ottawa and Stanford University, California.


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