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Paper presented at the Council for European Studies on 'How the EU Practiced the Security-Development Nexus in Afghanistan: A Critical Reflection', Philadelphia, April 14-16, 2016


the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) on 'The comprehensive approach to post-conflict reconstruction: US and Canada in Afghanistan compared', Chicago, Il., 4-10 April, 2016.

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Media / Outreach

  1. Live interview on 23 June 2016 on the Brexit, CTV Morning Live, available at; starts at 1 hour 7 min in.
  2. Live Interview on Rick Howe Show on “Canada, NATO, and the crisis in the Ukraine”, NEWS 95.7 FM, Halifax, 9 March, 2016, available at
  3. Live Interview with Todd van der Heyden, CTV-Bell radio on refugee crisis in Germany/Europe; 9.50 pm; 23 January, 2016 available at ; starting at 1:24:46
  4. with Liedtke, Gregory. “Déjà vu? Finding the right balance in the refugee- terrorism nexus”, The Hill Times, 7 December, 2015, p. 23; republished by CDA Institute at 
  5. Zyla, Benjamin. “When it comes to NATO, Canada is not a free rider: An alternative analysis of Canada’s perceived global engagement gap”, Canada International Council, October 1, 2015;
  6. EU countries must work toward common refugee solution”, Ottawa Citizen, 15 Sept. 2015.
  7. Interview with Embassy News on “Parties shaping their foreign policy campaigns”, 14 July, 2015; available at
  8. Interview with RIA Novosti (Russian News and Information Agency) on the attack on the House of Commons in Ottawa: “Canada Finds Difficult Balancing Public Security, Respecting Individual Rights: Expert”, 24 October, 2014; available online at
  9. Interview  with  RIA  Novosti (Russian News and Information  Agency) on  Prime  Minister Harper’s speech in the House of Common fighting ISIS: “Canadian Government Should Lay Out Clear Strategy Against IS in Iraq: Professor” 7 October, 2014; available online at
  10. Zyla, Benjamin. “The myth of Canada as a free-rider”, Ottawa Citizen, 19. September, 2014, available at, [REPUBLISHED BY CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL POLICY STUDIES (CIPS) uOTTAWA]
  11. Zyla, Benjamin. “Ukraine may be in crisis – NATO is not”, Op-Ed Article/Commentary for Canada International Council (CIC), 4 September, 2014; available at  [REPUBLISHED  BY  CENTRE  FOR  INTERNATIONAL  POLICY  STUDIES  (CIPS) uOTTAWA]
  12. Zyla, Benjamin. “What France’s far-right means for Canada”, Embassy Magazine, 20.06.2014; available at’s-far-right-means-for-canada/45706
  13. Zyla, Benjamin. Live interview with Todd van der Heyden on “Results of the EU elections”, CJAD 800 AM: News, Talk, Radio, Montreal, 31 May 2014, available at
  14. Zyla, Benjamin. “Quick Take: What’s the Significance of Ukraine/Russia So Far?” Centre for International Studies (CIPS) Blog, 20 May, 2014, available at
  15. Zyla, Benjamin. Background interview on "China, Pakistan, and the US in Afghanistan", Greater China Division, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, 13 March, 2014
  16. Zyla, Benjamin.  and van Houten, Kirsten, "NATO, China, and Afghanistan at the Security- Development Nexus", Commentary for Canada International Council, 4 February, 2014; available at afghanistan-at-the-security-development-nexus/
  17. Zyla, Benjamin. “Free Riding for Punching? Canadian Peacebuilding in the Balkans in the 1990s”, AIES Fokus 4/2013. Austrian Institute for Europe and Security Policy; available at
  18. Zyla, Benjamin. “Transatlantic free trade: Not a novel idea at all”, Embassy Magazine, 16 December, 2013; available at; also cross posted with CIPS at uOttawa at
  19. Zyla, Benjamin. “Why Canada Makes a Difference,” Vanguard Magazine (March/April 2008), pp. 14-15.
  20. Mariano, Stephen J.; Zyla, Benjamin. “Ten Reasons to Stay in Afghanistan.” National Post, A14, Tuesday, April 11, 2006
    - reprinted   in   The   Transatlantic   Quarterly   (Fall/Winter/Spring   2005-06), published by the Atlantic Council of Canada.
  21. Zyla, Benjamin. “Caught between Venus and Mars – Canadian Earthlings  Role  in  the Transatlantic Relationship after Iraq,” in Conference of Defence Associations Institute, 7th Annual Graduate Student Symposium, Security and Defence: National and International Issues (Kingston: CDAI, 2004).

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